About Social, Community and Therapeutic Horticulture Ireland

Our story

In Ireland we have a niche but growing profession of the use of horticulture for health and wellbeing practice.


These activities are practiced in clinical, social and community settings by a range of professionals who operate both alone, or with in multi-disciplinary teams.

Social and therapeutic horticulture sits within the framework of Green care, with care or social farming, ecotherapy, nature therapy and other related disciplines, and is defined as ‘the purposeful use of the outdoors to promote health and wellbeing and facilitate social inclusion’.


The purpose of this website is to inform readers about STH in Ireland, increase recognition of the profession in Ireland, and provide a space for networking and sharing of practice among members of the organization.

Social, Community and Therapeutic Horticulture Ireland was formed at a Networking Event at TU Dublin Blanchardstown Campus on 26th February.

A practitioner’s conference is planned for September 2019 at TU Dublin Blanchardstown campus; please keep an eye here for more details.

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