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Ally Wheeler
Aug 26

Symposium in Dublin


Hi Is anyone travelling up to Dublin from the South for the conference on 6th? (I'm in Youghal) I plan to drive to Waterford and get the 7am train to Dublin and then taxi it to Blanchardstown so if anyone would like to join me or get a lift to train station/share taxi etc feel free to contact me linkscoop@gmail.com

Ally (Hort therapist at Links Co-op St Raphael's Centre in Youghal)



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  • mmolloy20
    Sep 8

    Great day at the symposium Sept 6th. Informative and interesting to hear how others are running programs . Didn’t know about the website til Rachel mentioned it. Looking forward to lots of information and networking in the future.
  • matsatonthecat
    Aug 28

    Hi, does anyone have or know of a spare ticket? I'd love to go but it's sold out.. pls contact me on 0863722588